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Client: Captain Fusion

Stronger together

Strategy and brand identity  to launch a service that brings enough Internet wherever you are on the planet.

Kongo’s approach was to strike out against some of the complex vocabulary associated with Telecommunication sector, which often leans into a world of complex language, deconnected to the direct benefits for the end-users. Instead, the new Captain Fusion brand deploys honest and straightforward language, expressed by a tone of voice that speaks with joy, principles, expertise and endeavour.

About the service:

You can be in Italy, in Afghanistan, in Mexico, in the air, in the ocean or in a train, you will always find an internet connexion. The main challenge is no longer to bring Internet – everywhere -, but to ensure a stronger, safer and more reliable Internet. Without, it’s almost impossible to manage an operation: you can’t run your web app, you can’t download a file or stream an event.
Because reliable connexions can make big impact projects come true, anyone should deserve enough Internet to keep up with the progress. That’s what Captain Fusion stands for.

From Tecwec to Captain

It all started with Tecwec Networks, a French Company who developped the Wanrover, the new generation of SD-WAN router which offers the exclusive function of Internet link aggregation. This function, among many others,  is real because Tecwec Networks re-inveted everything about the way we can send and receive data through IP connexion.

Captain Fusion is born and managed by people that have contributed actively – for years – to the story of Tecwec Networks. Based on this relationship, the team of Captain Fusion has now the ambition to promote, distribute and manage everything related to the Wanrover service with the highest standard of customer service.

Captain Planet is for the green, Captain Fusion is for Internet

Captain Fusion is the telecommunication version of Captain Planet, the famous 90’s TV show: a super heroe born from the agreggation of the 4 element force – earth, wind, water and fire – who’s mission is to help people to save the planet when the planet is in danger.

Captain Fusion merges Internet connexion together to increase the bandwith. All the branding is based on the idea of “fusion”.

Targeting users instead of decision-makers.

Connectivity strikes end-users daily activities, not necessarly the IT decision-makers which have a long a tough roadmap focusing on security and internal services. The idea was to make end-users understand that a service could help them without changing anything in the company’s infrastructure: the end-user can express the need to solve a situation knowing already the solution, which is easier for IT managers to go forward. As IT services can be complex to understand, Kongo has built a brand identity that introduces the service in a simple, soft and friendly way. 

Informed by the brand idea, the dynamic visual identity created by Kongo uses a “family” of Internet connexion to humanely emphasise Captain Fusion’s commitment to care for the end-users. They are used in varying combinations, giving Captain Fusion the flexibility to tell in a friendly way what is normally understood by experts.

A key focus while developing the identity was to create a brand that could flex and adapt based on the touch point. This is particularly useful for Captain Fusion packaging and web interface, which lean also into the joyful part of the brand personality.