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Client: William Eliamini Mbawmbo

Climb Kili with William

Strategy and brand identity for a truely independent Kilimanjaro guide in Tanzania.

“Personal branding is stronger than agency branding. There is the soul and heart of someone who cares about you. This feeling is crucial if you want to climb Kilimanjaro and get to the top”

– William Eliamini Mbwambo

The story:

William was born in Mosha, a city closed to Kilimanjaro. He says Kilimanjaro was his playground when he was a kid. He becomes an official mountain guide for local and international agency.

When William wanted to start his own business, Kongo supported him in positioning, copywritting and designing his offer.

We will show something different

For most of the people who are looking for a trip on Kilimanjaro, the first question is not related to the beauty of the Kilimanjaro but more about if it is possible to get to the top. While most of the agencies focus on the beauty of Kilimanjaro, the agency and William decided to focus on what makes people get actually on the top : to sleep well, to eat well and feel safe at each moment. This has been the cornerstone of the work. The emoticons has been a simple but efficient choice to comunicate about the benefits of climbing with William while building a pattern in line with an idea of Kanga, the traditional local fabric.

It results as a travel diary, a powerful personal branding with heart and soul.

“I’m a truely independent Kilimanjaro guide. I need a branding as a person, not as an agency. I want to make people understand my treck is a beautiful window on Africa.”

– William Eliamini Mbwambo

Many travel agencies focus on the beauty of the Mountain for their branding while William wanted to remind that climbing Kili is first of all a trip to Africa.

The agency got inspired by the Kanga, the traditional fabric, to build the logo and visual system.

“Anyone can understand emoticons. It’s positive, simple, and fit perfectly with the way I chat with my customers on Whatsapp while I prepare their treck”

The agency has designed an entire visual system with the emoticons pattern to build a consistent layout for pictures, roadmaps and the website. This adhesive tape, associated with the handwritten font, results as a travel diary which fit with William first needs : William is a person, not a business.