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Client: Boehringer Ingelheim

Win Bigger

Strategy, brand identity and communication campaign to launch Gallimune H9+ND inactivated vaccine. 

A simple and striking idea to express what matters most to poultry producers: Raise Better. Win Bigger.

The story:

Gallimune is historically a brand of Merial, a French company that has been acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim in 2017. 

It has been asked to Kongo to think the launch of Gallimune H9+ND, one of the best sold vaccine for the poultry business in Animal Health. Gallimune H9+ND is a major update for the market, bringing powerful features to fight epidemiological evolution: reduction of clinical sign, prevent mortality, limit viral excretion, and improve body weight gain.

Straight to the point idea

Most of the veterinarian on the market are not english native speaker. As we are talking about a very high competitive market, the teams wanted to focus on one key benefit that matters the most for the business: preserving body weight gain. 

If you can preserve body weight gain, it means that the bird has been protected in the best way. Healthy bird means healthy growth, and so healthy business. 

To make it clear, we have design the benefit of body weight gain in the most exagerating way: a big footprint.

The key visual, associated with the headline “WIN BIGGER”, stands as a clear and direct positioning of the vaccine.

An exagerated bird footprint to express a key benefit: preserving body weight gain.

With a clear and direct headline that speaks immediatly to any non-native english speaker: Win Bigger.

The agency has designed a set of icons to engage the audience on all the technical content that covers the product.