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Client: Silvateam 

Shift to Biocircular

Brand identity and communication campaign to launch the first truly circular leather with a proven path back to nature.

A groundbreaking solution for brands looking to meet a new environmental challenge.  

The story:

Since 1854. Silvateam Spa is the world leader in the production of plant based extracts. These natural and sustainable products are suitable for a wide range of applications such as leather tanning, animal health and nutrition, food, beverages and many other industrial uses.

In 2020 Silvateam has devised Ecotan, a new tanning technology that lets leather join the cradle-to-cradle process. 

  1. Birth: making of the leather from animal hides, natural tannins and other sustainable chemicals.
  2. Life: expressive, comfortable and long-lasting leathers that meet consumer expectations. Our leather ups the game with tannages that wick moisture away quickly, actively fight odor in shoes and keep a healthy biome intact.
  3. Next life: finished leather articles and leather scraps are turned into organic fertilizers after they are no longer useful.

Ecotan: refreshing the existing brand

The challenge for the agency has been to update the positioning and the visual identity of an already existing BtoB brand in order to convey a new message – about biocircularity – to a new audience. The new Ecotan needed to draw the attention of those fashion designers interested in a new story that goes beyond simple sustainability.

Shift to biocircular: the new brand identity

Nature is the main focus, the starting point. The new brand focuses on its origins: tannins, their history and the production of leather. 

Product designers are the target. Because they are looking for new ways to give value to their products. Because they need to explain why their products are good for people and for the environment. And Ecotan will be the key.  

The brand image needed therefore to follow the codes of the leather sector while assuring the craddle-to-craddle idea. 

The Brandmark: a “refreshed” leaf

A new leaf that speaks about chestnut – one of the key elements in the production of tannins – but that, thanks to its new round shape, also expresses circularity.

The chosen photographic style uses images of tannins and other natural elements at the origin of Ecotan: chestnut and quebracho trees, chestnut fruits, tara pods, gall nuts, etc. Using images of tannins in their powder form reinforces the idea that we are talking about something good for people: it reminds of cuisine elements, of spices and therefore makes us imagine about travel, exploration, discovery. 

Cuisine is chemistry, is craftmanship, authenticity, it’s work with healthy products, good for people. Presenting tannins as a spice is positive for Ecotan. 

Graphic style

A set of hand made illustrations representing nature’s elements as well as final products. They will help balance the use of photos and, throught their more encyclopedic look, will convey the idea of science, of studing and presenting things in their whole beauty. 

These illustrations will be used together with a more pedagogical set of icons whose function will be to explain certain concepts thought video animations, infographics, posters, power points, etc. 

A set of hand made illustrations representing natural elements as well as final products that will be used alone or in combination with photos. 

A new leaf that speaks about chestnut also expresses circularity.

A visual identity that uses icons to express certain concepts in a more pedagogical way. The use of a misaligned circle and round background makes the icons more unique.

From nature, to leather, to product, to organic fertilizer and back again to nature, Ecotan leather is part of an infinite loop seamlessly merged with nature’s cycle. 

“The trade show has been a true success. The overall attendance was low but Ecotan’s booth has always been crowded with visitors.”