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Client: FPT Industrial

Technological storytelling on sustainable mobility

Instore exhibit design and animation displaying Cursor X, the engine of the future, at the first Green Retail park in the world.  

A suspended exhibition at the heart of a partnership between FPT Industrial and Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park in the world. 

The story:

In 2020, FPT Industrial becomes partner of Green Pea, the first green retail park in the world, inaugurated on December 9th 2020 in Turin, Italy. 

Born from an ambition of Oscar Farinetti to foster an environmentally conscious way of living and consuming, Green Pea is spread over 15.000 sqm and offers high quality product and services with a low environmental impact. 

Green Pea has dedicated a specific area on the ground floor to educational purposes. The Green Pea Discovery Museum is, indeed, a pedagogical space meant to bring the general public, and especially a younger audience, closer to the themes of energy transition, sustainable mobility and technology. 

A suspended installation that speaks about 4 energy sources

Having FPT Industrial a large exhibition area inside the Discovery Museum, the challenge was to find the way to contextualize the presence of  Cursor X – concept of the engine of the future built for Planet Earth – within the energy museum of a retail park.

The link between Cursor X and the Discovery Museum was of course the energy that this industrual engine allows to spare, in order to contribute to environmental sustainability and to a better planet, but also the energy that allows this same engine to work. 

A scenically suspended installation of Cursor X to speak, in a simple and educational way, about Cursor X’s different energy sources: hydrogen, electric energy and natural gas are the elements of our Universe that propulse Cursor X and allow him to protect Planet Earth to offer a better future to all its inhabitants. 

Animated Video

2D animation was the mean chosen to speak about these four energy sources. Four 65” screens, hanging from the central sphere with Cursor X at its center, display an animated movie explaining about the engine’s genesis, its particularities and its uses with, of course, a strong focus on its propulsion sources. 

“The Cursor X scenically suspended from the ceiling like a real art installation becomes an highlight of the GP Discovery Museum.”

“A museum visit designed for the whole family expressing how the engine of the future has the power to actively contribute to the energy transition and to foster an increasingly sustainable transport model.”

A playful but serious graphic style that speaks to adults as well as to a younger audience through a set of 2D engaging animations.

Kongo has collaborated with FPT Industrial and Green Pea Discovery Museum to design the signage. The experience ends with the possibility to test one’s knowledge through an interactive and recreational app.