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Client: Wyny Corp

Wellness leather at your feet

Brand identity and communication campaign to support the biggest Mexican tannery in the launch of an innovative natural leather.

A brand new solution endowing leather products with innovative properties that facilitate consumer well-being and foot odor reduction. 

The story:

Largest producer of vegetable tanned leather in the world, Wyny Corp has been delivering for more than 40 years high quality products that meet the demands of the leather industry and respect the standards of today’s world fashion market.

In 2018, together with Silvateam – world leader in the production of vegetal tannins – Wyny developed a breakthrough tanning formula. By endowing leather with innovative properties, this formula has become of tremendous value to all shoe manufacturers looking for a new way to perfect their shoes. 

NEXTA, a descriptive acronym

The goal for the agency was to find a name that best told the story of a “natural leather tanned with vegetal tannins as a real solution for feet odor problems”.

NEXTA – acronym for “Natural Extracted Tannins” –  was chosen because it had all the caracteristics Wyny was looking for:

  • short and easy to pronounce in many languages;
  • expressing different concepts at once: Natural, Tannins, Extracts, Leather, Formula, Science.

“Wellness leather at your feet” is a new concept bringing leather at the center of the footwear industry’s current trends. The identity has been designed to make co-branding with shoes manufacturers easier.

The visual identity is built on the wordmark idea: letters that become shapes with different meanings that become a visual language. This creates so many ways to express the co-banding.

This language is also combined with a serie of characters: the bacteria. They are fiendly and remind us that bacteria play a key role on our feet comfort and well-being.

The visual identity is also ready to interact with a younger audience. The importance of this segment for shoes manufacturers pushed the agency to focus on bacteria shapes and colors to clarify the benefits.