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Client: Silvateam

Esci dall’incubo con Supertan

Brand identity for a tannins based revolutionary nutraceutical solution. 

A sober brand identity with a communication campaign inspired by comic strips and the world of superheroes.

The story:

World leader in the production of plant based extracts since 1854, Silvateam’s natural and sustainable products are suitable for a wide range of applications such as leather tanning, animal health and nutrition, food, beverages and many other industrial uses.

In 2019 the company decides to further diversify its business and enters the market of nutriceutical solutions with tannins-based supplements. 

The Superhero

An atypical, comic strip superhero-related name – Supertan – to stand out in a crowded panorama of natural and chemical supplement solutions.

The logo 

A form and a color pallette, making a direct reference to the world of tannins and nature, are combined with the reality of superheroes through the use of the shield.