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Client: Tecwec System

Trust the underdog

Strategy and brand identity the most challenging Operative System for the next IT era.

More than 20 years of R&D to write an Operating System from scratch. It’s like building a car starting with just one screwdriver.

The story:

After having analyzed inherent vulnerabilities in operating systems for the industry since 2002, TECWEC System has based its research on reliability problems related to their decades-old design (Unix 1971, Prologue 1978, MS-DOS 1981,MacOS 1984, Windows 3.1 1990, Linux 1991).

The rewriting of the entire code from scratch, the reduction of the attack surface, the removal of intermediate layers by integrating them into the processor’s core, result in a much higher execution speed and performance in internal and external communications, together with an unprecedented and first-of-its-kind security potential “by design”.

Every competitive advantages and features  are proven concretely. Tecwec System is already involved into project lead by world leaders in telecommunications or hardware manufacturers. It is not about a promising future.

Tecwec System aims to bring to multibillion dollars markets key solutions that all major and challenging actors are waiting for to sustain their competitive business, within the edge computing business, the software defined networks markets, the industrial or mobile OS businesses, the virtual containers needs, etc.

Refreshing the brand identity

Tecwec wanted to refresh the visual identity and bring some consistency in the internal and external communication as the company is more and more involved in collaborative programs.

The design team’s approach takes inspiration from the binary code: 1 e 0 opens and closes the dicussion. It has a subtle DIY gaming and retro computing vibe. The identity features the Tecwec logo, a saturated colour palette on black or white backgrounds, a set of playful icons, a series of animated text system and additional illustrations.

The colour palette comprises of deep pink, alongside purple, dark blue  and appears on black or white backgrounds throughout. Colours palette are from the historical brand identity designed by the founder when it all started. 

Tecwec provides a smart, strong and European alternative to the established tech providers—its confident approach and attention to small details inspires trust in its customers. For its core audience of forward thinking tech-savvy users, Kongo has designed an identity that perfectly encapsulates this Tecwec spirit.

Tecwec wanted an identy that could speak to tech-savvy users as well as well as to high level institutional and financial partners in the same time.

Reading content on a screen is reading a translation of a binary code. On print support, the idea was to introduce the binary code of a title, right bellow, like a mirror. This graphic system becomes a bold brand pattern easy to apply.

This binary code can also encapsulate key messages, titles and words to outline an idea together with a picture. It also opens and closes an information in an animation.