Projects overview

With a specialization in marketing research, brand strategy, digital strategy, branding and brand content creation, we cover the full spectrum of the communication industry, with flawless execution, creative excellence and strong commitment to contribute to better business.

You will find here a global overview of what we do but don’t hesitate to ask us for a complete projects presentation.

Boehringer Ingelheim

In the beginning of 2020, Kongo Design supports Boehringer Ingelheim global marketing team in presenting at IPPE a new class of probiotics to the poultry industry’s main stakeholders.

The agency has worked on the positioning, identity and brand movie of this innovative and ready to use system that aims to ensure healthy hatch.


Strategy, Communication Content, Motion Design


From early 2020, Kongo Design supports a team of agro-engineers who have developped an AI system that monitors the quality of public water based on fish behavior.

The agency has worked on the positioning, brand idea, naming, brand identity and communication strategy.

Kongo Design also supports Omen in their strategic marketing roadmap to drain business from Asia.

Strategy, Branding, Communication Content


In 2020, Vetoquinol launched a campaign dedicated to raise awerness about heat stress and reproduction problems in cattle.

Kongo Design has worked with the repropduction marketing team to introduce one of Vetoquinol’s flagships in Europe, USA, Brazil and Australia.


Strategy, Communication Content, Motion Design


In 2019, Kongo Design started to support a project led by an international consortium and dedicated to the development of an integrated solution to prevent microbial outbreaks within modern livestocks.

More specifically, the agency has been working on the positioning, branding, communication strategy and content development in order to:

  • create awareness around the project, its results and future benefits for the European livestock market
  • define a ready-to-market positioning to increase the efficacy of a go-to-market strategy to once the products will be ready to use

Strategy, Branding, Communication Content


In 2019, FPT Industrial – the Brand of CNH Industrial dedicated to the development, production and sale of powertrains – signs a partnership with Kongo Design to tell the story of the food chain that takes products of Italian excellence from farm to shelves, and then to everyone’s table.

A strong communication concept which has been inaugurated in October at Eataly Smeraldo in Milan, the flagship store that is dedicating the month to wine and its producers. Visitors are welcomed by special grape-themed set-up, at the center the Cursor X, an engine concept of the future, and then will be guided through a story divided into  thematic areas dedicated to typical products of Italian cuisine (exhibit design, visual signage, motion design, etc. have been all designed by Kongo Design).

The Brand is taking this opportunity not only to present the Company’s vision, represented by Cursor X, but also to tell the public about the daily role that FPT Industrial’s engines play in the food chain.

Strategy, Communication Content, Exhibit design, Motion Design


For over than 80 years, Vetoquinol has been promoting animal protection and well-being, through the development, manufacturing and marketing of veterinary medications and non-medicinal products.

To strengthen the company’s presence in Europe and South America, Kongo Design supports and executes the brand strategy for cattle health management division and it designs a current communication campaign that emphasizes the link between the brand, the vets and the farmers.

Identity, Communication campaign, Motion design

Wyny Corp

Largest producer of vegetable tanned leather in the world, Wyny Corp has been delivering, for more than 40 years, high quality products that meet the demands of the leather industry and respect the standards of today’s world fashion market.

In 2018, Kongo Design has partnered with Wyny Corp to develop a brand new solution endowing leather products with innovative properties that facilitate consumer well-being and foot odor reduction. Convinced that this breakthrough formula will be of tremendous value to all shoe manufacturers looking for a new way to perfect their shoes, Kongo Design has been in charge to create a strong positioning, brand platform, naming, tagline, visual identity and digital contents. 

Brand strategy, Naming, Tagline, Identity, Motion design, Website


In 2018, Kongo has supported Silvafeed marketing team to clarify how polyphenols can bring a new value for the poultry industry for the US market.

The agency has studied polyphenols’ proven benefits to see how it could catch with consumers demands and trends. A deep marketing analysis of what creates a real value for consumers in their way of buying meat.

The agency has then visited US major poultry producers to discuss about potential business applications.


Brand strategy, marketing analysis


World leader in the production of plant based extracts since 1854, Silvateam’s natural and sustainable products are suitable for a wide range of applications such as leather tanning, animal health and nutrition, food, beverages and many other industrial uses.

Kongo Design supports Silvateam in its strategic marketing activities to identify new market opportunities and to define a consistent positioning for each related product: from polyphenols to pectin.

Market researches, Brand strategy, Brand platform, Tagline

Casa do Menor

Funded by an Italian missionary in 1986, Casa do Menor has an unwavering commitment to fighting violence and children neglection in some of the poorest areas of Brazil.

As its internal structure becomes more complex and the stakeholders number grows, Casa do Menor asks Kongo Design to help them with the evolution of their brand image: a new identity that needs to appeal to an international audience of donors and partners as well as to stand out in a crowded panorama of NGOs.

Identity, Communication Campaign


With 20 years of R&D, Tecwec designs and develops a radically new Operating System from scratch – i.e a kernel that doesn’t come from Unix or others – that complies with current IT challenges in terms of security, footprint, energy consumption and MTM communication.

Kongo Design is deeply committed to support Tecwec’s ambition in designing the strategic roadmap, positioning, institutional speeches, fund raising campaigns and financial communications. In 2018, Kongo Design has also started to promote Tecwec’s first industrial application: the very first router with IP links aggregation functions (NV, NFV, SDN).

Brand Strategy, Brand platform, Communication Campaign

Deepgray Vision

With long standing partners in electronics, shape recognition and deep learning, Deepgray Vision has rapidly become the new standard for surface inspection solutions for the steel industry.

To clarify their offers and to support their development in the USA, Europe and Asia, Kongo Design has worked on the brand strategy starting with the brand platform, tagline, and a refresh of their visual identity.

Brand Strategy, Naming & Tagline, Identity, User interface design


A joint venture between a German and a Dutch company with decades of experience in the photovoltaic industry, ProPV aims to be the biggest European on-line platform for the sourcing of PV components.Kongo Design has built the company’s brand platform and has designed its visual identity.

Brand strategy, Identity

TSI – Ticket Premium

French FinTech with more than 14 years of experience in the field of online payments and electronic money, TSI Payment entrusts Kongo Design with the management of its Italian social networks for the Italian launch of Ticket Premium, a new prepaid solution for online payments on sports and gaming websites.  

In 2018, Kongo Design takes advantage of the FIFA World Cup and creates a national campaign to boost the Italian social communities of Ticket Premium: a starting point for digital and offline communications that the agency is still managing.

Communication campaign, Social Media Strategy

Ferrero Legno

After 60 years of dedication, hard work, investments in technology and a constant search for quality craftsmanship, Ferrero Legno has become one of the Italian leaders in the manufacturing of high quality doors.

Kongo Design supported the brand in the conception and production of a brand movie to reveal the company’s new brand identity and tagline, “Design to be open”, recent achievements of the agency Robilant Associati.

Motion Design

Centro Abax

With top-notch specialists known in the entire country, Abax medical center is quickly becoming a reference for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and pathologies that concern different parts of the human body.

Kongo Design has the chance to guide the clinic through its entire branding process, from brand platform, to naming and visual identity. 

Brand strategy, naming & brand identity


Italian and Swiss entrepreneurs of the cosmetics industry have worked together with R&D experts in genetics to develop a breakthrough patented technology that turns cosmetics into science. Vojiro has the ambition to use genetics to create cosmetic products that achieve proven and long lasting results in the fight against ageing.

Kongo Design has been in charge of building a brand platform as well as creating the brand’s name and tagline. The agency is not responsible for the current visual identity and website.

          Brand strategy & naming